When is it time to end a marriage? For many that follow me have ended a marriage, once or many times.
I once naively believed all marriages could be saved, barring domestic violence or abuse of some kind.

However, Dr. Christensen ( the founder of a leading couples theory) questioned my belief.
Many years later I have to concur with him, and say some must end.

In my therapy room with couples I work to understand both sides, and what is there that still anchors the couple.

One thing that must be present is the desire not just to save the marriage, but also to change yourself. It is so easy to throw stones at your partner, but much harder to face yourself.
The sooner a couple realizes they are on a downward path, the sooner they must see their part in the discourse.

There are no by standers in the breakdown of a marriage; looking at your role and part in the situation is the beginning of HOPE.